5-broom-4-chloor-3-indolylfosfaat dinatriumzout


≥99 %
Substrate for alkaline phosphatase, in particular in immunoblot procedures.
BCIP-Na2, X-phosphate disodium salt
  • C8H4BrClNO4PNa2 · 1,5 H2O
  • M 397,46 g/mol
  • mp >300 °C
  • store at -20 °C
  • Transport temp.: room temp.
  • CAS-No. [102185-33-1]
In combination with NBT ideal for colorimetric detection of alkaline phosphatase activity, in particular in immunoblot procedures. Dissolves easily in water (20 mg/ml). Bad solubility in DMF.

Protect from light and humidity.

Guarantee analysis:
Uiterlijkalmost white powder
Assay (titr.)
Water (KF)5,8-7,8 %