5-bromo-4-chloor-3-indolylfosfaat p-toluidine zout

≥99 %, BioScience-Grade
Histochemical substrate for phosphatase.
BCIP-p-toluidine salt, X-Phosphate
  • C15H15N2O4BrClP
  • M 433,63 g/mol
  • store at -20 °C
  • Transport temp.: room temp.
  • WGK 2
  • EG-No. 229-506-1
  • CAS-No. [6578-06-9]
  • Warning H371

In combination with NBT ideal for colorimetric detection of alkaline phosphatase activity, in immunohistochemical procedures. By enzymatic dephosphorylation BCIP is converted to indoxyl which subsequently tautomerizes to the ketone. In basic pH values, this ketone dimerizes and, in doing so, releases H+ ions. The dye precipitates in the direct vicinity of the phosphatase, hence staining this site in a weak blue colour. Enhencement and darkening of this colour is achieved by adding NBT (Art. No. 4421). Dissolves easily in dimethylformamide (20 mg/ml), hardly soluble in water. Protect from light and humidity.