≥99 %, BioScience-Grade, dioxane free, animal free
For molecular biology.
  • C9H18O5S
  • M 238,30 g/mol
  • mp 110-112 °C
  • store at -20 °C
  • Transport temp.: room temp.
  • EG-No. 206-703-0
  • CAS-No. [367-93-1]

Lactose analogon. Glucose-galactose-disaccharide. lac-promotor is induced by IPTG via inhibition of lac-repressor. Recommended for induction of lac-regulated vectors in expression assays, for instance blue-/white selection of recombinant E. coli, in bench-top as well as in production scale. Application: Stock solution: 0.5 M (1 g / 8.4 ml) in water (sterilise through 0.2 µm filter). Final concentration in agar plates: 0.2 mM (add after autoclaving and cooling medium). Final concentration in induction medium: 2 mM.